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"When Only Fresh Will Do!"

The goal of Florida Food Service’s Ocean Fresh Express™ program is to provide you, our customer and your dining guests with a variety of high quality fresh seafood. Ocean Fresh Express™ is designed for the discriminating seafood buyer, who wants to be a cut above the rest. Fresh seafood is shipped overnight from the source to you as quickly as possible and in the freshest condition.

Seafood Specifications

Our seafood specifications are exceptionally stringent. From harvest through to processing, including workmanship, temperature control and product identity—our process is strictly controlled.
The processing plant is HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) certified and is inspected by the United States Department of Commerce, Seafood Inspection Service. All seafood products are handled and processed in accordance with the National Marine Fishery Service laws and regulations. We are sensitive to environmental concerns over fishing and will only utilize those varieties which are controlled and approved by the Fishery Laws of the United States.

Efficient Delivery

We utilize the most efficient means to deliver fresh seafood to your operation. The product will be delivered at proper food temperatures. You will notice a time-temperature monitor, which will indicate whether or not the product has reached excessive temperatures. It will change color if excessive temperature abuse occurs or if the 10 day use-time has expired. Once you receive the fish, submerge the sealed seafood trays in ice and keep iced at all times. Do not open the tray until you are ready to use the product. Always store fresh fish containers in the temperature range of 30¾ Fahrenheit, submerged in ice is best.

Helpful Storage and Handling Tip

Maintain fresh fish between 30-34¾ F. Use ice on and around un-opened fish tubs and opened fish fillets.
• Fresh fish can be held twice as long at 32¾ Fahrenheit, as it can at 37¾ Fahrenheit.
• Replenish ice as needed and remove melted ice water as often as necessary. Do not store fresh fish in melted ice water.
• Upon opening fish tub or cutting loins, any unused fish should be stored in drained bus tub, allowing melted ice to drain away from the fillets.
• Minimize the time fish is left out of cooler or away from ice. Only remove enough fish for portioning and restore back in ice.

Placing An Order

• Minimum 20 lb net weight needed for delivery.
• Order Placement with Sales person by 11:00 AM the day before delivery.
• Order Tuesday by 11:00 AM for delivery to you on Thursday or Friday.
• Order Friday by 11:00 AM for delivery Tuesday or Wednesday.
• Portioned fish can be ordered so you will have no waste, reduce labor and consistent plate presentation.

Looking for an item not listed? Contact your Florida Food Service Sales Representative for availability!
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Future Expectation

Please feel free to ask for other varieties of fish or other seafood items we may supply for you. We want to cater to your needs! If you have a specific seafood questions, you may email Brian Stengl, our Seafood Specialist. Ask your Florida Food Service representative how we can develop specifications for your individual needs. Give us your requirements and we will work to customize your fresh seafood program.

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