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Food safety and operational cleanliness keep the restaurant industry challenged on a daily basis. Florida Food Service have compiled some of the best links to commercial and government sites dealing with food safety and related issues. You can find the latest information about almost every subject here.

Abstracts of Select Hand washing Studies

Handwashing Requirements in a Restaurant

America's Food Safety Team

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Food and Drug Administration

FDA - Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition


US FDA Regulatory Fish Species Encyclopedia (Illustrated)

The Guide to Food borne Pathogenic Microorganisms and Natural Toxicants (Bad Bug Book)

Fight BAC! Partnership for Food Safety Education

The Food Allergy Network

The International Meat & Poultry HACCP Alliance

Occupational Health and Safety Health Information Centre

Iowa State University Extension Food Safety Project

National Food Safety Database, University of Florida

Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

OSHA - US Occupational Safety & Health Administration

The Soap and Detergent Association

UC Cooperative Extension

What To Do if You Have a Problem With a Food Product


 Food Handling Safety

  • Safe Food Handling – Web page which contains a number of helpful hints on how to safely handle foods.

  • Safe Handling of Food – Information explaining proper practices in food handling.

  • Safe Food Practices – Useful page which contains practices that are acceptable for safe food handling.

  • Food Handling Rules – List of ten rules that should be followed in order to maintain safe food handling.

  • Food Safety – Page with information and links to topics related to safe food handling.

  • Safe Food Handling Guidelines (PDF) ‎ – Publication which provides several helpful ideas on how to maintain safe food handling.



Food-borne Illnesses

  • Food-borne Illness and Disease – Fact sheets which cover information about food-borne illnesses and how to prevent them.

  • Food Poisoning – Article with information on the bacteria and viruses which can cause food poisoning.

  • First Aid – Web page with information from the Mayo Clinic on how food-borne illnesses can be treated.

  • Food-borne Illness – Information for consumers discussing many aspects of food-borne illnesses.

  • Types of Food-borne Disease – Article with information on the various kinds of disease and illness passed through food or water.

Restaurant Food Safety

  • Food Safety Guidelines – Useful page for restaurants outlining many food safety guidelines that should be followed.

  • Food Safety Reporting – Informative page for consumers on how they can report a problem with food safety in restaurants.

  • Food Handling Practices – Information from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention on how restaurants should properly handle food.

  • Food Safety Information – Helpful web page with information on food safety and inspections for restaurants.

  • New Food Safety Regulations – Information on he new standards that restaurants need to follow about illness prevention and food safety.

Food Safety Resources

  • Food Safety Resources – Resourceful page with information and links by topic about food safety.

  • Resources – Information from the CDC with a collection of resources concerning food safety.

  • Food Safety Resources – Informative web site with a number of resources that are organized by topic.

  • Food Safety Information – Information for the restaurant industry with a collection of links about food safety.

  • Food Safety Sites – Web page with information and links about food handling and food safety.

  • Food Safety – Helpful web site with information on food safety as well as helpful hints about proper nutrition.

  • Food Safety Links – Resourceful page from Ohio State University with information and links about food safety.

  • Food Safety Information – Informative page with material to learn more about nutrition and food safety.











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