Stop Theft! Inventory Systems

Few restaurants avoid losses from theft and waste. However, both can be controlled if steps are taken to identify the high cost (and high risk) items in your inventory that account for the most likely items to impact your bottom line. The best method to get control of waste and theft is by using a Daily Key Item Inventory Record. This brief inventory done at the beginning of each day can reduce (or at least identify) losses from products that disappear or are lost through waste, but not reported.

One well known restaurant has a Manager take a key item inventory every mooring of about 25 high risk items such as steaks, shrimp, ribs, seafood and other high cost items. The Manager then runs a sales report for the previous days sales, looks at inventory received the previous day and determines the difference.


[Day 1: Tenderloins on hand - 43] MINUS (-) [Day 2: Tenderloins on hand - 22] = 21 Tenderloins

PLUS (+) [Tenderloins recieved - 20] = 41 Tenderloins MINUS (-) [Tenderloins sold on Day 1 - 34]


If done consistently everyday at the same time, the StopTheft! System will:

  • Identify lost or wasted products
  • Make employees aware that kitchen items are watched closely
  • Improve controls on waste reporting
  • Improve your bottom line!


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