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What is a Menu?

4-1-4-x14--Tuxedo-Padded-Menu-Cover---Style-1v 20090763311A menu is the primary means of communication between you and your customers. It is also much more than that. It is the foundation of your business strategy. In order for the menu to function as the heart of your business plan, it must be more than a haphazard collection of dishes that sound good, offered at prices in step with those of competitive restaurants. Everything about the menu must be planned and designed to carry the establishment toward the goal of success.

The success of your business is important to the growth of Florida Food Service. Utilizing our experienced Sales Representatives, we can help you develop a new menu or enhance your existing menu through product suggestions, food cost analysis, evaluating the proficiency of your kitchen staff and evaluating your clientele make-up. Contact your Florida Food Service Sales Representative or Customer Service at 800-432-9178 and set up an appointment today!

Menu Listing Allowances

Working with and distributing almost all the major brands of products for foodservice operators, Florida Food Service has a list of those manufacturers that pay to menu list their logo on your menu. Ask your Sales Representative for details. This can be a great source of revenue through rebates, free product or even cash to pay for the cost of designing and printing your menus.

UniPro University and Florida Food Service — Menu Management Seminar

Currently Florida Food Service offers a Menu Management Seminar yearly where Tom Smouse of UniPro University delivers an all day seminar packed with information. Topics include "What is a Menu?", "Menu Analysis", "Menu Types", "Evaluating a Menu", "Format Design", "Recipe & Costing Card Impact", "Menu Pricing", "Menu Descriptions", "Changing the Menu", "Promotional Strategies", "Truth in Menu" and "Online Resources". Ask your Sales Representative when the next Menu Management Seminar will be held. Also included at the seminar our Prime Source vendors display and present new products that can enhance your menu. You even get the opportunity to sample those products. It's like a mini food show.

UniPro Marketing Online Programs Overview

Click here to access UniPro's menu management portal.
If you're already set up to view "Operator's Edge" you can use the same username and password for menu management!


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