Keeping It Crisp

Keeping It Crisp

Even before COVID-19, many operators struggled to keep the hot stuff hot and the cold stuff cold when it came to carryout. Breaded, battered and fried items have ruined many a review after customers dug in only find their fries soggy and cold.

There are a million ways to package carryout items and your Florida Food Service rep can help you choose the option that’s best for your business. These simple suggestions from McCain, featuring three common packaging styles, will help you keep customers coming back for more crispy goodness time and time again.



Many restaurants already use fry sleeves for to-go orders. Here’s how to pack them in a way that delivers on both safety and the best eating experience.

STEP 1 Insert napkin into sleeve all the way to the bottom.

STEP 2 Leave enough material to fold napkin over the top of the fries.

STEP 3 Insert fries and fold napkin over the top.

STEP 4 Place fry sleeve upright on top of any burgers or sandwiches in the bag. Roll and seal the bag top for secure travel.



Clamshells are another popular to-go container that you might already be using. Keep guests safe and fries crispy with this simple packing technique.

STEP 1 Use a knife to carefully cut three holes (not slits) in the top and in each of the sides (15 total).

STEP 2 Wrap burger or sandwich in foil to retain its heat.

STEP 3 Place food in the container with a napkin under fries to help absorb moisture.

STEP 4 Close lid to retain heat and place clamshell in bag. Roll and seal the bag top for secure travel.



If your restaurant is already using folded paper cartons, utilize this packaging strategy to maximize safety and heat retention.

STEP 1 Remove the two side flaps to allow the carton to vent.

STEP 2 Insert a napkin inside the carton to absorb moisture before inserting food.

STEP 3 Wrap burger or sandwich in foil to retain its heat. Place food in the carton.

STEP 4 Fold napkin ends over the top of the food and close the remaining flaps.

STEP 5 Place in bag with additional napkins to further absorb moisture. Roll and seal the bag top for secure travel.

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