It’s all in the name – Versa delivers outstanding versatility, quality and value for all your oil and shortening needs. Because taste drives your menu, and your menu drives your reputation, you know you can count on the superior quality, variety and purity of the Versa brand. Born of exceptional quality and value through partnering with industry-leading manufacturers, the versatility of the Versa Brand has you covered: from commodity to premium oils.

Versa oils and shortening products promise to fulfill your food preparation needs while exceeding your expectations for product purity, exceptional taste and unparalleled performance. All of our oils and shortenings are trans-fat free and are low in saturated fat for increased dietary health. Versa is available in three quality tiers because we understand that the type of operation dictates oil choices. After all, your business and recipes are unique and your choice of cooking medium can make the difference. Ask your Florida Food Service rep today about using this private label oil to to your meals to the next level.

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