Delivery Solutions and Exclusive Discounts for FFS Customers

Special Delivery

Delivery Solutions and Exclusive Discounts for FFS Customers

We are so proud of our amazing customers who have persevered through this trying season. As we continue to push through, finding new ways to increase sales outside of your dining room is key. We are pleased to announce that, through our UniPro affiliation, we have two new solutions for those of you who are currently not offering delivery services, or would like to expand your delivery options. Please read the information below and contact your sales rep if you need assistance.

Increase Your Deliveries – Partner with DoorDash!

We recently launched a partnership with DoorDash to help restaurants leverage the DoorDash marketplace to increase revenue, reach new customers, and grow their off-premise business. Through this partnership, we have secured a discounted commission rate and other unique benefits for our customers. You can sign up using this link.

By signing up on DoorDash, your restaurant will:

  • Get incremental off-premise orders: especially important now as many states don’t allow on-premise dining in response to COVID-19
  • Reach new customers: DoorDash has the largest market share of any third-party logistics company in the US and a vast customer audience
  • Online Marketing Presence: restaurants can build their online brand

The benefits of our unique partnership and signing up via our custom onboarding forms:

  • Lower Commission: 26% Delivery Rate & 12% Pick-Up Rate versus the 30% public offering on the DoorDash website
  • Automatic enrollment in DashPass: DashPass is our customer subscription service and restaurants enrolled in it receive more orders. More info here (page 14)
  • 30 Day Free Trial: customers get to try DoorDash risk-free


2020 DoorDash Merchant Resource Guide

DoorDash Merchant Help Page

Please let your Sales Rep know if you have any questions.



Uber Eats says you deliver the meals; we’ll deliver the savings!

Uber Eats

We’ve also secured a partnership with Uber Eats regarding their restaurant delivery platform. See the information below regarding the Uber Eats programs and the exclusive benefits being offered to our customers. If you have any questions, reach out to your Sales Rep for assistance!

With staff shortages and other difficulties you’re facing, Uber Eats offers three delivery options to ease your load:

  • When customers pick up their orders directly, the fee is reduced to 0% (limited time only)
  • Restaurant delivers orders via their own staff
  • Use Uber Eats’ full-service delivery system

Sign up and you will receive:

  • $350 savings via waived activation fees
  • Up to 10 additional photos for use in the app – a value of $250
  • 0% fee for customer pickup orders for a limited time only

What are my options for delivering with Uber Eats?
Restaurants can choose to offer Customer Pick OR Delivery OR both at the same time:

  • Customer Pick Up (0%, limited time only)
  • Use my own delivery team (15%)
  • Full service delivery (30%)

Why is Uber Eats more expensive than other delivery companies?

  • Option to cash out daily
  • Quality and speed of delivery is better due to large delivery partner network
  • Extensive customer base to advertise your business to and capture business from
  • Private customer feedback to help you make critical business decisions

Can I access customer information through Uber Eats?

Uber Eats will not provide restaurant operators with personal information for the customer. They will provide all information relating to the order including feedback after the delivery was completed. Restaurant operators can use this deck to learn more about what information they have access to, where to find it, and how to use it to improve operations and performance on the Uber Eats app.

Where can I find more information on editing my menu and optimizing my restaurant’s performance on Uber Eats?

Resource guides listed on this page will teach you everything you need to know about running a successful Uber Eats business.

To sign up for Uber Eats and access your program benefits, click here and select Florida Food Service Inc. from the dropdown menu.


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