Creative Solutions to Covid-19 Problems

Creative Solutions

Creative Solutions to Covid-19 Problems

As we continue persevering through the COVID pandemic, more operators are migrating to touch-less menus and digital platforms. While we all hope to see an end to this season soon, reality is, the industry will continue to rely heavily on carryout sales and socially distanced solutions for months to come. 

One way to introduce touch-less menus is by the use of QR Codes. A QR (short for Quick Response) code is a barcode that is recognized by any smart phone camera. The code serves as a trigger and link to a website. When a consumer sees a code, they simply open their smart phone camera app and point to the code. The camera will automatically open their web browser and point them to the link associated with the code. Within the food service industry, QR codes are being used daily to point consumers to menus without concern over touching potentially contaminated surfaces.


Aside from the obvious germ-avoidance benefits associated with web-based or touch-less menus, the ability to make changes “on the fly” without the expense of re-printing your menu can be a huge asset when faced with ingredient shortages. That said, technology isn’t for everyone, so it’s important to have at least a few printed copies on hand for those who chose to utilize the traditional menu.

Many operators have chosen to limit their menu offerings during this season and as they re-approach offering their full menu, they’ve considered adding some new items as well. Testing out new items via a touch-less menu is another way to share your offerings with customers without the expense of a printed menu. New or additional menus can be promoted through a variety of applications – stickers, table tents, signage, coasters and more.


Another option for QR codes is pointing consumers to a quick video (like a commercial) about new items, the history of your establishment or upcoming events. While you’re busy preparing their meal, they’ll be entertained by the activity of seeing where the link leads. You can also direct them to your social media pages. Regardless of whether you utilize codes for menu presentation or promotion, this low-cost solution is something to consider. If you have questions about QR codes, ask your sales rep – OR scan the code on this page for more information! 


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