Get A Hold Of Yourself!

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Get A Hold Of Yourself!

Handhelds Are Hanging On Strong.

Sandwich. Taco. Sub. Arepa. Wrap. Bánh Mì. Torta. Hero. Empanada. Falafel. Gyro. Pita. Roll. Sambusa. Bao. Burger. Po’ Boy… the list goes on…

The humble sandwich is one of the most versatile foods and one of the most popular types of cuisine sold around the globe! According to, there’s a sandwich revolution happening—with new flavor combinations created by global influences showing up on menus across the country.

Handheld menu items—typically consisting of a starch stuffed with some type of protein, veggies, toppings, condiments, and sauces—give Chefs an approachable way to introduce new ingredients.

Tasty and unique handhelds are no longer limited to the lunchtime diner. They’re being added to breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus. They’re also a perfect takeout-friendly option, which is still being driven by consumer demand.

We’re all familiar with the classics—clubs, riders, Reubens. To keep up with the competition, try adding a twist to these menu staples. Change up the cheeses, swap out the meat, or add new ingredients to the sauce. Customers will identify their favorites, often with feelings of nostalgia, but these new twists will soon become part of their tried-and-true comfort foods, and you’ll find them returning to order again and again. If you haven’t already, provide the option to order your most popular sandwich offerings as a wrap or taco. Don’t neglect the opportunity to upsell your handhelds as a combo or meal special. After all, handhelds are at their finest when they’re available on the go!

Many establishments are adding “crunch” or more textural items to their offerings. Ingredients such as raw veggies, fried chicken skin, potato chips, tortilla chips, crispy wontons, pork rinds/cracklins, Cheetos, Doritos, Fritos, a crisped cheese disc, wasabi peas, and other crispy foods are top on the list when it comes to ways to shake up a sandwich.

Some restaurants are finding success by converting a well-known plated dish into handhelds that are more than a mouthful. Put a slice of meatloaf on artisanal bread. Place charcuterie in between slices of a French baguette. Convert vegetarian or vegan dishes into rave-worthy wraps.

It’s not just the center of the plate that’s making it between the slices. Some establishments are even adding side items as toppings—collard greens, French fries, macaroni and cheese, pickled vegetables and more are showing up on social feeds across the globe.

Regardless of whether you choose to tweak your existing handheld items or bring in some trendy LTOs (see our Red White and Blueberry Bacon Burger recipe on the following page), we have all the ingredients to guarantee your sandwich success.

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