Extra Special Mom Meals

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Extra Special Mom Meals

It’s the time of year when consumers pause and say THANKS MOM to the special women in their lives. With restrictions continuing to lift and diners longing to enjoy meals at RESTAURANT tables, Mother’s Day is bound to be busy during every segment of the day. Plan ahead by stocking up on menu items that are bound to put a smile on Mom’s face.

Establishments need more than just ingredients to put the pie on the plate. Be sure each staff member is prepared for the rush. While table turnover needs to be swift, pushing diners out the door too quickly could mean missed dessert sales. Train staff to pay close attention to body language, helping identify which customers are ready to “wrap it up”. If the dessert ask is before they’re gathering their belongings—or better yet when the order is being taken—wait staff may be more likely to land the sale. LTOs such as BOGO dessert sales or mom side-order upgrades are worth considering as well.

Don’t forget! Even though dine-in numbers are starting to climb, owners should still take care to present the same offer to call-in carryout customers that they share with in-house diners.

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