Making the Most of Mother’s Day

Mother's Day

Making the Most of Mother’s Day

What are you doing to prepare for the busiest day of the year?

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, operators should be checking their pantries and prepping their menus in anticipation of what’s historically one of the most profitable days of the year for restaurants. Last year—in the midst of a worldwide pandemic—restaurant sales showed an increase of 103% on Mother’s Day Sunday and 63% on Saturday, compared to average daily revenue.

With spending expected to reach an all time high of $28.1 billion, failing to plan ahead for this massive holiday is a mistake you can’t afford to make. Get together with your sales rep now to consider adjustments you need to make prior to the big day. Here are a few tips and trends to help make the most of what the day has to offer. 

Step Up Your Staff

Right now, many establishments are struggling with staff issues—between worker shortages and managing sick-days, just keeping the front and the back of the house running is a struggle. It’s crucial to address staff needs and requirements well in advance to avoid a day-of-disaster. Take time to analyze staff reports to see which servers thrive on busy nights and which crumble under pressure. Do you need to shuffle some staff for the weekend to place extra hands on deck to help with an influx of carryout orders or kitchen prep? The more you’re able to keep up with demand while delivering a great experience to your diners, the better your results will be.

Makeover Your Menu

With food prices on the rise, every establishment should be updating their menu. While it may be too late to expect new menus in hand by Mothers Day weekend, it’s actually the perfect time to test new dishes. Is there a dessert your chef has been dying to offer? A handheld you haven’t had a chance to try out? Offer it up as a Mother’s Day special and see how it goes. You’ll have plenty of extra traffic eying your menu, so it’s the perfect weekend to evaluate customer response to a new item. Take care to test your staff’s ability to prepare and present the dish both at the table and in carryout packaging. Need some fresh ideas about new items? The following concepts are sure to bring mom’s to the table:

MacDaddy Bakes

Comfort foods continue to thrive with macaroni and cheese topping the list of favorites. Make it a bake and take this favorite side to meal status by baking in bacon, lobster, shrimp or more.

Sugar and Spice

The Nashville Hot trend isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Adding a little sugar to the spice sends consumer cravings through the roof. Offer this new favorite on a buttery biscuit topped with honey as a breakfast offering with some bang.

Shake It Off

Specialty beverages are a sustainable way to add something unique to the menu without requiring extra space in the pantry. Options include decadent dessert shakes, creative cocktails or a simple, colorful lemonade. Presentation is key, so consider new and unique ways to deliver the drinks. Mason jars are still all the rage…not only do they present well, but they make great carryout solutions and are an inexpensive way to deliver that special touch for LTO carryouts.

Don’t Toss The Salad

Salad and Mother’s Day go hand in hand. With plant-centric dining on the rise, this trend is sure to continue to climb well into summer. When you’re contemplating adding a special salad to the mix, don’t limit yourself to traditional lettuce-based offerings. Pasta, chickpeas, quinoa and couscous are all great bases to choose from.

While ranch will likely always be a favorite dressing, it’s popularity is dropping behind favorite flavors like Lemon (+22%); Greek (+21%) and Lime (+18%).

Give Mom A Toast

If you haven’t added avocado toast to the menu, Mother’s Day is a great day to give it a whirl. Whether adding as a side or as a meal with toppings like boiled egg slices and compound butter with bacon jam, this popular item is sure to get three cheers.

Deliver Dessert

Mother’s Day meals wouldn’t be complete without the cherry on top. Be sure to have dine in and carryout offerings for diners who are more likely to spend on dessert during the weekend.

Prepare the Pantry

Regardless of what you makeover for Mother’s Day, know that your Florida Food Service rep is here and ready to help. Take the time to discuss your growing needs with them during your next visit so they can continue to supply all the ingredients for your success. Together, we’ve survived one of the most challenging years in foodservice history. We thank you for your continued patronage and are looking forward to serving you for years to come.

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