Through our Prime Source supplier Gator Chemical, our Chemical and Ware-wash Program is one of the best in the state. A complete line of chemical and Ware-wash products are offered through Florida Food Service for every cleaning issue. Need dishwashing equipment or dispensing equipment? Ask your Florida Food Service Sales Representative to have a Gator Chemical Representative contact you and evaluate your chemical and Ware-wash and equipment needs.

Gator Chemical’s “10 Point” Service Program Guarantee:


  • Provide, install and maintain all appropriate warewashing and dispensing equipment on a no-charge, lend/lease basis.
  • Provide continuing on-site staff training which covers proper equipment operation, maintenance, and safety procedures.
  • Provide emergency service as needed in a timely fashion.
  • Provide preventive maintenance, inspection and equipment overview recommendations on a monthly basis.
  • Provide written service reports to be completed and reviewed with management or assigned supervisor. Reports to include actions taken, observations, inventory and recommended replenishment.
  • Provide written chemical consumption analysis reports as requested to monitor actual chemical usage costs.
  • Provide minor repairs as specifically agreed, performed by a Gator Chemical service technician. The cost of parts used for repair are to be reimbursed to Resource One.
  • Provide diagnosis and recommendations on major equipment repairs for alternate and qualified area repair service companies. The one chosen will be authorized and chosen by the customer, however, Gator Chemical will assist the chosen company in any way reasonable.
  • Provide assistance, training and overview by a Gator Chemical service technician for any chemical cleaning of machinery and/or chemical reclamation of items washed.
  • Commit to monitor the results of our chemical programs with a thoughtful and caring eye. We will make recommendations concerning the overall operation, treating the customer’s establishment as if it were our own.