COVID-19 Updates & Resources

As we navigate this unprecedented season, we’re surrounded by uncertainty. There is ONE THING,  however, that is certain. We are here to help! We’ll continue to update this page with the latest news and resources. If you have a specific need that’s not addressed here, please reach out. You can email your rep directly by clicking their photo at the bottom of the page. Hang in there! We know that with some patience, perseverance, and a lot of hard work, our industry will continue to thrive.

We gathered a panel of FFS Experts to answer Frequently Asked Questions and address Customer Concerns as the state begins to re-open and consumers return to dining rooms. If you have additional questions, click your Sales Representative’s photo, below, to email them directly.

As part of our 6-episode series addressing success during the COVID-19 pandemic, our FFS Marketing Team, in partnership with UniPro Foodservice, offers business insights for navigating this difficult season.

In Episode 2, our FFS Marketing Team, in partnership with UniPro Foodservice, digs deep into what steps establishments need to take NOW to ensure food safety and sanitation.

Hospitality and customer retention is discussed by our FFS Marketing Team, in partnership with UniPro Foodservice in Episode 3. Find out if you’re doing what it takes to keep customers returning to your tables.

Now more than ever, promoting your restaurant is crucial. Episode 4 features a few simple tips to help you stand out in the crowded marketplace. 

There has never been a better time to take a look at your menu. Episode 5 features menu suggestions, prepared by our FFS Marketing Team, in partnership with UniPro Foodservice, which will help your operation thrive as the state begins to re-open. 

Even before COVID-19 curbside, takeaway and delivery showed increased popularity among consumers. Getting carryout right has a powerful impact on the success of your dine-in business. In this final episode of our series, the FFS Marketing team joins UniPro Foodservice in reviewing important carry out practices.

  • Billy Carreras
    Billy CarrerasSales Representative
  • Aubrey Hart
    Aubrey HartSales Representative
  • Buddy Hines
    Buddy HinesSales Representative
  • Cary Price
    Cary PriceSales Representative
  • Dax Urrutia
    Dax UrrutiaSales Representative
  • Jack Christmyer
    Jack ChristmyerSales Representative
  • Joe Johnson
    Joe JohnsonSales Representative
  • John Vance
    John VanceSales Representative
  • Randy Armitage
    Randy ArmitageMulti-Unit Manager
  • Robbie Sapp
    Robbie SappSales Representative
  • Roger Harris
    Roger HarrisSales Representative
  • Tim Folds
    Tim FoldsDistrict Sales Manager
  • David Fernandez
    David FernandezSales Representative